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Reservoir Engineering

  • Economic Decision-Making: Project and single well economics

  • Resource estimates: Volumetrics and Decline Curve Analysis

  • Risk assessment: Probabilistic/Uncertainty Analysis

  • Downspacing / Infill analysis

  • Field Development, resource planning

Acquisitions and Divestitures

  • Technical reviews of potential investment opportunities

  • Competitor Intelligence analyses using advanced data gathering and analysis tools

  • Estimates of fair market value

  • Cost structure analysis for capital and lease operating expenditures

  • Future net revenue projections on a risked and unrisked basis

  • Multiple scenarios and price sensitivities

Data Science and Analytics

  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature  Engineering

  • Algorithm Development and Implementation:
    Clustering, Classification, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines 

  • Deep Learning:
    Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Hyper-parameters Tuning for Machine Learning Models

  • Dimensionality Reduction and Data Preprocessing

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